The work area where the ships are built consists of an outdoor area and an indoor (somewhat mundane) woodshop. On this picture we see some fabulously straight hardwood lumber laid out. Notice the wood chips on the ground from the axe work.
Here are some piles of planks already cut out and smoothed. They haven't yet been cut to size and are spaced as I am assuming that they are being exposed to weather change and additional drying. Notice the mast hanging under the rafters.
Here is a picture from the indoor workshop. It does differ from a mundane workshop in several respects. Firstly, you see no powertools. Also, notice the anvil in the background. And, of course, the hull section profiles (called a frame when incorporated into a boat) hanging on the wall.
Here is a small boat in progress. The keel, stem and stern are laid (always the first steP) in three pieces and a plank has been clamped in place. Checking the page about boat building we can see that this boat is in the middle of step 3. The planks below the waterline have been built and some stiffeners have been put in place and the first plank of the above-water shell is what is clamped in place. What excellent clamps... On the far right we can see a finished boat.