Neolithic remnants
Already in neolithic times do we see some of the characteristics that we associate with vikings. Denamrk is littered with burial mounds and dolmens. This particular hill is called Kong Asgers Høj and is just one of many neolithic burial mound that you will be hard pressed to miss if you ever visit Denmark. On the near right we see a view from farther away and on the far right we see a couple of views of a dolmen which has no name. A dolmen is a stone construct, similar to the burial mound, where the earthen hill has disappeared and left the stones exposed. Apparently, they built these stone monuments for burial sites and the piled dirt on top of them. Essentially, this is what the burial mound would look like if the dirt was removed. Except the burial mound is much bigger and would be even with the dirt removed.
Inside Kong Asgers Høj
Going inside the burial mound is a very eerie experience. The sound o fthe sea disappears and because is distant hiss, the light goes away and you really feel that you have gone back in time to when this was built. It is a singular experience that most want to feel only once, and maybe not even that often. This particular burial mound is the best preserved of all burial mounds. When this hill was excavated in 1839 they found clay vats and a battleaxe. The tomb consists of an 8m long entry way that leads itno a 13m burial room. The near right picture is taken as one walks into the tomb and the other two pictures are left and right in the burial chamber,
Closer to the dolmen
Here are several pictures closer to the dolmen. The one on the far right is the view from inside Kong Asgers Høj.